Flirting Tips Guaranteed to Win Over a Bisexual Woman

To flirt a woman, as a bi-curious or bisexual woman who’s very new to the lesbian and bisexual dating scene, is exceedingly tricky and typically a herculean task. Besides timing, you need to master a few things such as knowing when and how to approach them. If you’re having a hard time learning how to approach or express your feelings to another woman, as a bi, you are in the right place. This post examines ways on how bisexual women flirt. Read on to learn more.

#1: Consider your feelings when someone flirts with you

Do you enjoy when someone flirts with you? Are you always flattered by their move even if you are not interested in them? Your subject will probably feel the same way, too, when you make passes at them or throw subtle hints their way. It’s all about confidence. You need to muster every ounce that you have and confidently approach them. Bisexual dating can be tricky but be creative. After all, you can always make a pass at the next woman if they seem uninterested.

#2: Consider how you flirt, too

Bi-curious or bisexual women flirtbisexual woman dating with another bisexual woman of the eyes. They relish more the subtle flirting than the less obvious kind of flirting (read complicated type). There are many ways you can make your flirting more obvious such as walking up (remember confidence is key) and making conversation with them. If coupled with confidence and creativity when breaking the ice, you’ll win the woman. If walking up to them sounds tricky then shift your body toward them and flash an inviting smile.

#3: Be different

To bag the woman or win her heart, you have to flirt differently than a man would to you. Remember your subject of interest is a woman, so subtle flirting will work best in this scenario. That’s because women who are attracted to women generally seem to flirt in a more subtle way than men would. So be different to get noticed quickly. Bisexual dating is a different cup of tea altogether.

Common ways that bisexual women flirt with women include pretending to pick a lint off their clothes (even when there’s none to be picked), touching their arm or leg when making a point, twirling or seductively playing with hair, biting lips playfully, leaning closer to them, sitting or standing close, smiling a lot and with your eyes, making eye contact regularly, etc.

Next time you are out clubbing or in the streets, and you spot a stunningly beautiful woman that tickle your fancy, try some of these tips to get you prepared. Don’t forget your confidence at home; you’ll need it just like you’ll need to wear a nice perfume, and also look and feel good.

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